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Ever since my 'professional' journey commenced back in 2012, I have had a passion for the hospitality industry. With my step sister joining Hotelschool The Hague on her 19th birthday, I knew I wanted to become part of that industry, too. With my very first job being a dishwasher and dessert making role in a bar close to my parents' house, the start was right. I remained in the hospitality industry for nearly 10 years, tackling jobs and finding opportunities which would take me all over the world - something else I have been doing for nearly 10 years now. My journey in hospitality has taken me through different countries and companies and I have loved every second of it. Hospitality has taught me how to be persuasive, develop a strong work ethic, create long-lasting relationships which can be leveraged for the greater good of both parties, and it practically shaped me into the extroverted individual I am today.


 With the start of the pandemic in 2020, something changed about the hospitality however. Where in the past, I was always able to create a focus for concept development and long-lasting guest experiences and interactions, my role orientation was subconsciously shifted more towards running the day-to-day. While I enjoy every aspect of the hospitality aspect, I deemed this the moment to slowly start reinventing myself. A new chapter in my professional journey started. At CitizenM, I already focused more on creating long-running projects in the local hotel area, but with my Master at Lund University in Sweden, it really took off to a different direction. At Lund University, I dove into data based decision-making, UX and CX, digital innovation methods and all the ins- and outs of starting your own business.

My interest in applicable tech had always been there, too. Being able to combine this with my love and passion for hospitality, would make a dream job for me. Expedia does just that. At Expedia, I manage a portfolio of three, four and five star hotels in The Netherlands on their collaboration with this global tech company. I provide data-driven insights on how to extend and improve the relationship to the fullest - helping both Expedia and the client move forward in improving their products. 


I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to collaborate or participate on different solo or team projects. I take pride in that and treasure the connections I have made during that process. I am a firm believer that hard work eventually pays off, and that everything can be learned. At the end of the day, we are all born not knowing anything, right? 

In my spare time, I am a very active individual, too. I am a proud Cineville card holder, and love visiting film and art houses all across the Netherlands around twice a week. I am a fervent vinyl collector. I try to have an ever-growing music collection, learning about new albums and artists around me from the people close to me. For years, I have been hooked on artists like Chet Baker, Daft Punk, Roger & Zapp, Kanye West and De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. I love participating in sports, be it individual or team-based. Individually, I do cardio in the form of running around twice a week, while also doing muscle training in the gym once a week at least. Otherwise, I love 'hitting the powpow' and jumping on my snowboard, too. For team based sports, I have played volleyball on a high level for around ten years. I have taught the fundamentals of this sport to others as well, as an (assistant) coach and trainer. I am an enthusiastic cook, sometimes to the despair of others, and I love making high demand vegetarian dishes.

Lastly, I love developing myself on different interests. I keep up with relevant news and business-oriented subjects at all times and participate in side activities, too. This meaning, for example, podcasts or extra curricular themes as part of university, such as student clubs and economy classes.

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