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Portfolio and Extras

Aside from studying and building my professional career, I have been engaging in several side activities and portfolio building. This ranges from certified courses to business ventures, to podcasts partakes. 

Growth Hacking

Through best practices and Growth Tribe courses, I learned the most efficient and creative strategies for business to acquire and retain customers. By hypothesising, prioritising and using data as a base, I am efficiently able to develop strategies to grow businesses on the medium to long term through practices like funnelling, and tools like SparkToro, SalesForce and CrystalKnows.

Certified in 3 languages

Certified through IELTs, DILF and my Bachelor studies, I am an adequate speaker in English, German and French. Having lived in multiple different, I have gotten to hone my language skills thoroughly and utilise it daily in a professional and personal setting. Additionally, as a Dutch national, I am fluent in Dutch, too - giving me a range of four different to communicate in with clients. 

Venture Projects

Diving into the start-up and accelerator scene in Sweden, I got the chance to build several businesses of my own. This included e.g. a fast-moving-consumer-good company with Bruh Coffee, aspiring to re-organising the value chain in the coffee industry and create the highest quality products for its customers. 

Data Based Decision Making

Apart from having tangible work experience with programmes like MS Power BI and Tableau, I am currently in progress for achieving the advanced Google Analytics certificate. Google Analytics aids me in identifying trends among users, analyse pain points in websites and read conversion rates from marketing tactics.

Better Business Management

I believe, like most, that the planet is something to take care for - and the way we are doing business currently, is simply not cutting it. That is why I originally engaged in Elisabet Lagerstedt's certified Better Business programme. Here, I was taught how to do business in a sustainable and progressive manner, learning from case study, trailblazers and theory material reflecting on past behaviours.

Podcasts and More

To further engage and learn from others on the topic of business, I have been a returning guest on the IAMTHESAME podcast, and have been featured on Bitblock's bi-weekly podcast, too. These are podcasts on the latest developments in the hospitality and fintech industry respectively and featured a host, guests and me talking about our views on the topic. 

People Management

Having managed several international teams of 20+ FTEs in different countries, I have become a true people's person with the right soft skills to guide a team. I know the difference between a leader and a manager, and I am adamant on developing talent amongst team members and growing together.

Project Management

I love taking long-running projects from base to base. Throughout my career, I have taken on several projects focused on creating, designing or developing products or improving customer/guest experiences. Should you be interested in learning more, please fill in the form and I would be happy to enlighten you further.

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